Paratour - Happy
December 2011
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Eric, on the XCitor, and David (from Midway) on the airboat,
having fun together over the nice St John's river
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Eric getting ready for some more fun before breakfast.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Beautiful sceneries of the St John's river can be seen from
the airboat with the Midway's guys.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Dell Miller's flight with his new Power Pluto II over the St John's river:
(Edited by Tim Gaskins)


Steve Durgins (Florida) who loves taking aerial pictures, appreciates his Chameleon finger throttle, making it easier to take those shots.

 Steve's hand and Derrick Davidson's flying straight, which is rare from him.

Tim Jones enjoys his Power Pluto II over the Tampa area.
(Picture by Steve Durgins)

Rob Catto flying by his house
Don't we all want a place to take-off & land beside our house?
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Steve Coffey after another good flight
with his brand new Power Pluto II.
This Steve's second Power Pluto. 
This time, he chose the Wine color combination.  He likes wine, so wine not?
(Picture by Sheri Coffey)

   Flying with birds -  It's Possible!:
(Pilot:  Christian Moullec)

Brandon Shane (Georgia) flying his Power Pluto II for the first time:
(Edited by Tim Gaskins)


Louis Bernier in Quebec, enjoying the cold Canadian December air.

Glen Boyd (from New Brunswick) enjoying the nice and warm Florida air.
(Picture by Eric Dufour)
Monic Otis, a 100 lbs pilot with less than 80 flights, flying for the very first time her Christmas gift:  An 18 meters Power Pluto II:

Monic Otis enjoying her XX-Small Power Pluto II:

Flights on December 18th in Quebec:
(Edited by Michel Ricard)

Jeff Goin's Truck Kiting with his 18 meters Power Pluto II:

This was one of those beautiful early misty December mornings,
here, overt the little town of Christmas, Florida.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Dean Eldridge explains how to lay out a wing:

Local pilot Jim Brenner flies with our group almost every weekend.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Paramotor World Games 2012
held in Brazil

(These 3 pictures have been taken from an e-mail sent by Pierre Dabreteau on a PPG French forum)

Congratulations to the winners!

1st place: Laurent Salinas (France/Canada)
2nd place: Alexandre Matéos (France)
3rd place: Pascal Vallée (France)

Othar Lawrence:  Redefining Risk:

 Mont Blanc 5000 Operation with a paramotor:

One of the repairs made by Elisabeth in December

Time for breakfast after the morning flights.

(Picture by Steve Coffey)

Marty Hathaway is a talented paramotor pilot and the author of the many nice pictures presented on our blog and our Website.

On December 1st, Marty was in Dubai, as a member of the American team who participated in the largest ever Kiteman nighttime performance, for the 40th National Day of the United Arab Emirates. 

They presented 10 large Diamond Show Kite Trains of five kites each, all lit for the night show with the latest technologies created at Kiteman Productions headquarters.

See the video of this performance: 

Mike Britt after another great evening flight with good company.

After foot launching for 17 years, CC now flies her Power Pluto II custom color pink & black with a trike:  The SD MiniMax
(Picture by Sheri Coffey)

The SD SD MiniMax  fits in a van.

86 years young Phil Beans, Mike Britt's father in law,
enjoyed his very first ride in the XCitor with Eric


Up & right:
Rick Gaskins' first solo flight.

He chose the motor Ultra 130 with a Power Pluto II Orange, blue & white; the colors of the Florida Gators, his favorite football team.



On the St John river, returning from the training field after a good morning session:  Eric Dufour, Rick Gaskins and David Ingersoll.
(Pictures by Glen Boyd)

Elisabeth taking-off with her 18 meters Power Pluto II.


The usual smile we all have after a great flight.

In Georgia, Bruce Erion (Bad Apple # 1) and Tim Gaskins (Bad Apple # 17)
Tim looks very good in his Ozee flight suit

Derrick Davidson proudly wearing his Paratour T-shirt.

We had the nice visit from a long time friend and pilot
Jean-François Guilbaud (center), who came from Paris with his brother.

Our pilots' Christmas dinner at Mike Britt's
(Picture by Eric Dufour)

Improvements of the site

Eric with the compactor and Mike on the tractor.

Richard Knutson, from Florida, enjoyed his flight with Eric

Posing between Eric and Erik. 
Erik, his visiting son from California, is also a paramotor pilot.

The GTR wing from Paramania.  A detailed interview with Dean Eldridge:

The beginnings of paragliding:


Rod Thernovsky and Steve Coffey swapped their Power Pluto II just for the fun of it.

Steve, flying Rod's 18 meters Power Pluto II

Rod flying Steve's 23 meters Power Pluto II

The usual chats after the flights.
Steve Coffey, Rob Catto & Mike Britt
(Picture by Elisabeth)

Another great evening filled with good flights.
David Ingersoll, Eric Dufour, Sheri & Steve Coffey
(Picture by Elisabeth)

Rod Thernovsky landing with his SD II paramotor

(Picture by Sheri Coffey)

Rod's grand mother ended the year with a flight in the XCitor with Eric

Mrs. Thernovsky was all smile on landing:
Here seen with Rod and Eric
(Picture by Steve Coffey)

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

(Picture by Steve Coffey)

Becca Catto (Rob's daughter) also ending 2011 with her very first flight with Eric on the XCitor. 
Like her dad, she really enjoyed the flying.

Becca en vol

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

After sharing the air with Becca,
Rob came back
back on the ground after the XCitor landed.
(Picture by Sheri Coffey)

Elisabeth enjoyed the nice & calm air that evening.
(Picture by Steve Coffey)

After the flights, right before our last dinner of the year:
Front: Rob Catto and Brian Anderson
Back: Todd Andrews, Mike Britt, CC Moisan, Jim Brenner,
Steve Coffey, Sheri Coffey and Eric Dufour

(Picture by Elisabeth)

In the afternoon, Mike Britt smoked wild boar and turkey

That was delicious!  Thanks again Mike!

(Picture by Steve Coffey)

A big thank you to Steve & Sheri Coffey who treated us with nice fireworks.  We certainly ended the year with a bang!


We wish everyone a great year for 2012, filled with many nice flights.

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