Paratour - Happy
November 2011
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Eric Dufour trying a proto glider from Axis.

More to come later... 
During training, Paul Dillon receiving mechanical info on his new engine.
Being already a foot launch paramotor pilot for many years, Paul
ended up his training on a trike with 20 flights.
Champagne to celebrate Katherine's 1st solo flight
Picture by Elisabeth

Elisabeth & Eric Dufour, Paul & Katherine Dillon (Colorado),
Christiane "CC" Moisan and Mike Britt

A nice dinner at Macaroni Grill to celebrate Katherine who
ended her training with 51 flights; the number of her age. 
One more woman and one more couple in the PPG community.

John Rogers, from Florida, celebrating his first solo flight.

Here on the left, with Glen Boyd and Eric Dufour
Picture by Elisabeth

Another one of our typical Saturday dinners

On the left:  Marty Hathaway and Steve Coffey chatting.
Playing guitar on the right:  Jessica Britt and her boyfriend Rob,
Frank Savignac (instructor in New Brunswick) and Eric Dufour
Before her training, Katherine Dillon wasn't sure if PPG was for her. 
Now, we see a happy pilot who got hooked.

Marty Hathaway and Steve Coffey Rob Catto (center) and from left:  Cherrie Coffey, Katherine Dillon,
Christiane "CC" Moisan and Glen Boyd

 Danny & Ann Boone came all the way from New Mexico in their Motorhome.

The weather did not cooperate during Danny's training and could not extend
his training longer.  So Danny left with only 15 flights on his Green Eagle, but promised Eric that he would complete his training with Michelle Daniele
at Paramotor City, in New Mexico.

A nice wine time for Steve Coffey's 49th birthday.

Steve, & Cherie Coffey and Eric Dufour
Picture by Elisabeth

Happy pilots from New Brinswick, Canada, enjoying the November sky

David Bradley from New Brunswic, is a plane pilot for 27years
(+ 1,200 hours), a skydiver for 35 years (+ 2,100 jumps)
and a paramotor pilot for 5 years (+ 600 flights). 

David enjoys his Power Vega III.  In fact, this is his second Axis wing.
Bob Matthews (New Brunswick) is a PPG pilot since 3 years,
enjoying the November sky with his Power Pluto II.

November 24th 2011 - David Bradley and Bob Matthews.
Bob Matthews

Paul More (New Brunswick)
during another great flight with his Power Pluto
Paul is a PPG pilot since 2 years.

Real Robichaud, (New Brunswick) paramotor pilot for 4 years
with + 300 flights. 

He liked his Power Pluto so much, that he bought a second
Power Pluto, the Power Pluto II.


Glen Boyd (from New Brunswick) who often visits us 
during the winter months, was taught by Eric Dufour on how to tow. 
You can see him towing Eric during a training session.

Glen Boyd sharpening his ground handling skills
with the nice 12 meters Papoose wing.

Back from an SIV clinic in Florida with David Prentice
, 3 pilots stopped by for a visit.  They treated us with a Brazilian tasty fish & shrimps dinner.
Come back anytime guys!

From Left:  Eric Dufour, Mike Britt (Florida), CC, Joe Seitz (Utah), Alex Miranda (Massachussetts) and David Gauthier (Connecticut),
who is a former student from Eric.
Picture by Elisabeth
<br />

Video from Joe Seitz on their SIV clinic


Derrick Davidson, a sporty pilot from Florida, trying his foot camera.

See more pictures of this serie

Adam Lee from Florida asked Elisabeth to make him a windsock
using the same colors of his wing. 

Here is the picture he kindly sent us.
David logged +100 jumps duringthe 5 years he has been a skydiver.
He flies a paramotor since 2007 and currently has +200 flights,
averaging around 1hr per flight.
Hischoiceof wing:  A Power Pluto II

Roar and Soar Event 2011
At Fantasy of flight, Florida

Picture by Marty Hathaway

Our group of PPGers
Picture by Katherine Dillon

Up & below:  Picture by Tim Gaskins

Fantasy of Flight is a nice museum of World War II planes

Morning briefing
Picture by Melina Joslin
Eric is ready to fly
Picture by Katherine Dillon

Picture by Melinda Joslin

Mike Britt kindly brings Glen Boys' SD trike to the take-off zone

Glen spoiled himself by buying a beautiful Ozee flight suit
and took the same colors as Eric's.

Glen Boyd (right) enjoyed flying there
with his Power Pluto wing and SD trike.

Picture by Marty Hathaway--->

Picture by Melinda  Joslin

Glen Boyd flying over Fantasy of Flight.
Picture by Marty Hathaway

Eric Dufour with his Power Vega III
Picture by Melinda Joslin
Just in case there would be some in the PPG community
who do not know yet who Jeff Goin is:

- Captain for Southwest airlines;
-Talented paramotor pilot;
-Paraglider pilot;
-Helicopter pilot;
-Hanglider pilot;
- President & founder of the American PPG association USPPA
- Author of the PPG Bible
- Author of Master Power Paragliding
- 1st place at the national US PPG competitions several times
- 6th place at the 2009 World Air Games in Italy in 2009
- And most of all, a great guy!

Jeff Goin about to take-off with his Power Pluto II 18 meters
Picture by Katherine Dillon

The Power Pluto II is very easy to inflate, ask Derrick Davidson
or any other owner of an Axis glider.

One of the many beautiful pictures by Melinda Joslin, his girlfriend

Derrick Davidson (Florida), who can't fly straight,
always does S turns with his smoke system.
Picture by Marty Hathaway

Paul Bobo (Florida) enjoying the air with his Power Pluto II and SD paramotor

Bob Gaskins (Georgia)
Kermit Weeks (owner of Fantasy of Flight and a pilot himself)
Lyn Malbury (Georgia)

Picture by Tim Gaskins

Picture by Marty Hathaway

Eric Dufour with his Power Vega III 21 meters
and Jeff Goin with his Power Pluto II 18 meters
Picture by Steve Durgins

Picture by Steve Durgins

Then Eric changed his glider for a Power Pluto II 23 meters
Picture by Rob Catto

Picture by Melina Joslin

Eric Dufour and Jeff Goin had a great time
playing on the top of Jeff's RV

Bruce "Capt. America" Erion
Bruce is a helicopter and paramotor pilot and for many years
and founder of the famous Bad Apples group
It is not easy to be part of this elective group.  You have to have done something really stupid to ''possibly'' get in.

Picture by Melinda Joslin

Bruce Erion , Bad Apple #1 & Eric Dufour, Bad Apple #20
Picture by Capt. Don Andrews

Marty Hathaway just about to take-off

Jeff Goin taking-off again with his Power Pluto II  18 meters
Picture by Melinda Joslin

Axis pilots in formation
Picture by Marty Hathaway

Frank Savignac, instructor inNew Brunswick, Canada. 
Guess what wing he flies... ;-)

Picture by Melinda Joslin

Jeff Goin and Eric Dufour having fun ground handling.
Both pictures by Katherine Dillon

During this mini fly-in, Rob Catto has been officially
baptized Bad Apple #30, nicknamed "survivor".
Picture by Tim Gaskins

Scott Adair, who is the man in charge of the PPG group during Roar & Soar,
has been also officially baptized Bad Apple #31, nicknamed "Maniac".
In case of doubts, rest assured that
he is the one with a paramotor on his back. ;-)
Picture by Tim Gaskins


Some planes of Kermit Weeks private collection
Pictures by Tim Gaskins
Melina Joslin's Roar & Soar 2011 pictures

Roar & Soar 2011 pictures on Frank Savignac's
Website:  Powered Paragliding New Brunswick:

Marty Hathaway's Roar & Soar 2011 pictures

Tim Gaskins' Roar & Soar 2011 pictures

There were plenty of RC planes on the site too.  

Tim Gaskins' video on Roar & Soar 2011:

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving at Mark Anzil's place
in Port Ste Lucy, Florida. 

Mark is fairly new to the sport and if you are flying in his area,
he would enjoy sharing the air with other pilots.

Eric & Elisabeth, Mrs. Anzil with her grand son Cody Anzil,
Mark and his lovely wife Lisa.

Busy preparing an excellent meal.
From left:  Lisa Anzil, her uncle and haunt, Mark's mother,
Mark Anzil, Elisabeth & Eric


In Paramotor Magazine this month:

360-degree panorama of lake Annecy (France) in autumn

Click on the mouse and go for a virtual tour:  Those who know the area will recognize the "dents de Lanfon", la Tournette, the Forclaz LZ behind and more than 1000 meters above  a sea of clouds on the south end of the Annecy lake.  Beautiful!

Mark showed us the PPG hitch carrier he made for
his Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor installed behind his car.

Two other Axis pilots enjoying the November sky in Quebec, Canada
Pictures by Monic Otis

Yvon Girard about to take-off with his Power Vega III

Yvon has logged over 400 PPG flights in 3 years
Andre Blackburn with his Power Pluto II
Video of this flying day
Edited by Monic Otis:


One of Elisabeth's glider repairs this month


Here is the latest Paramania video on how to set the trim on a Paramania Reflex Wing:

Flying over another St John river...  in New Brunswick, Canada
Paul Moore's video:

Paul Moore's emergency landing:


Infinity Tumbling with a Paramotor:

How It's Made Wooden Airplane Propellers:

Melina Joslin's November pictures and more

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Monic Otis November pictures
Doug Powell  has a 97 SeaDoo XP for sale or trade with a PPG equipment. 

You can see it here:

You can reach him at: or 229-300-4830

Good luck Doug!