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Most powerful and light weight units on the market 

*Prices are in US dollar and subject to change, depending on the fluctuation of the US dollar and the Euro.


Air Conception Paramotors

SEE THE "light" 



Why is weight so important?

Strapping into a light weight, well balanced, and "right" powered paramotor is essential to achieving consistent launch success and reducing fatigue.  

For years pilots were forced to choose between light weight / low power or powerful but crushingly heavy and difficult to maneuver machines.  

Over 6 years ago, Laurent Fourgeaud created Air Conception with a passion to engineer a paramotor that achieves all desirable aspects:  power, lightweight, ease of use, reliability, and transportability.  Since then, they have engineered the highest power to weight ratio paramotors  in the world and in October 2015 smashed that boundary yet again with the new "Nitro 200," generating over 160 lbs of thrust on a machine weighing just 43 lbs!  

Low weight also means less required thrust, lower fuel consumption, a smaller and lighter glider and ease of transport. 

In flight, it feels powerful, alive and nimble.  

Years of passionate design have produced refinement and a unit that is also strong, reliable, comfortable, economical and user friendly.

Ask anyone that has previously flown a typical 60 to 80 lb paramotor and they cannot contain their joy after trying one of these machines!  



The new Nitro 200

160 lbs thrust

25 lb engine weight

42.5 lb total machine weight

*Listed weights include everything but the gas


2 Frame options:  Aviation grade Aluminum, or grade 9 Titanium
Listed weights include everything but the gas.


Aluminum "Eco" Chassis

This lightweight chassis is constructed of T6 aluminum and powder coated in white.

It has very good mechanical strength, a very comfortable SupAir harness w/reserve chute mounting, 3K carbon fiber spars and seat board, carbon fiber prop and option of either a 130CC or the new Nitro 200CC motor.  

Standard configuration includes titanium weight shift arms, however fixed j-bars are also available.  

This frame is designed to meet the budget minded pilot who still enjoys a reliable and high power to weigh ratio machine that is both aesthetic and ergonomic.  

The 130CC engine generates 135 lbs static thrust, while the Nitro 200 motor generate 160 lbs static thrust. 

Eco Ultimate 130cc - pull start/belt drive(44lbs): $5,995

Eco Nitro 200cc -  pull start/belt drive(43lbs): $6,795

Titanium "Race" Chassis

Made of G9 titanium (50% lighter than stainless steel), this robust frame is only 5.5lbs.  

It features 12mm narrow profile tubing through out and ergonomic cantered design for improved flight dynamics.  

Includes comfortable SupAir harness, 3k carbon fiber spars and seat board, carbon fiber propeller.

Standard configuration includes titanium weight shift arms, however fixed j-bars are also available. 

The titanium is  electro coated brilliant white, but a polished titanium finish is an option for $250.  

Race Ultimate 130cc - pull start/belt drive(41lbs): $6,800

Race Ultra 130cc - electric start/clutch(47lbs):  $7,495

Race Nitro 200cc - pull start/belt drive(43lbs): $7,695


A very comfortable standard harness

Result of a collaboration with the well known French harness manufacturer Sup'Air, our harness offers extraordinary comfort for long flights and competition.

Made with the best materials in terms of lightness and resistance to wear, it only weighs 2.5 Kg , incorporating a series of carbon plate and two zipped side pockets.  

side pocket is retractable and can be replaced by a reserve parachute reversible container (optional).


The Ultra 130 comes with a graphite and ceramic coated piston.

Comes with a graphite and ceramic coated piston

You now have the choice of the standard harness,
or the new Light harness, weighing only 2.14 lb
(1.3 kg).
  • The Ventor 130 engine of 25HPat 9700 RPM
  • Static thrust of 64kg with 130cm propeller
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Monocylinder, 2 cycle forced air cooled
  • Malossi cylinder of 128 cm3
  • Electronic ignition
  • Ceramic and graphite coated piston
  • Compression rate of 11:1
  • WB37 Walbro carburator
  • Hélicoidal gear box type 3.8/1
  • Serial type electric starter
  • 3K carbon exhaust silencer
  • 13L fuel tank
  • Grade 2 Titanium frame
  • 140cm fold down type cage of 16mm/14mm carbon 3K struts
  • 2-part 125cm propeller



Titanium exhaust may be added to all models, except "Nitro", for an additional $695.00

Titanium exhaust reduces 2lbs from the above listed weights of the paramotor and does not corrode.


Ultra 130 Paramotor


Units breakdown in less than 5 minutes and can easily in the trunk or backseat of your car!


All models come with a custom soft-bag to hold cage, spars, and propeller.  


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Cage break down video:

Cage brake down and assembly video:


Titanium Exhaust (not available with Nitro) - $695 (reduces overall weight by 2 lbs)

Polished Titanium Frame and Hoop (not available on aluminum frame) - $250

Reserve Pocket integrated into harness: $120


No problem for parts in the US and Canada.   There are shelves loaded with parts in stock!

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 Titanium is corrosion, erosion and fire resistant.

The electric start is fed by a Lithium battery of 2200 mAh, weighing only 250 gr.  It gives easily a minimum of at least 40 starts.
This battery is interchangeable within seconds due to its Velcro system. 
within 3 hours.  Comes with a charger, which can either be plugged in your electrical outlet or your car cigarette lighter outlet.