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Its high bars offer greater protection to the pilot.

Its protective cage allows inflations in strong winds without having to fear a folding cage with paramotor propeller which, on many models, may lack the strength to take-off on a trike.  A double cage for double security.  

Ideal for the Ultra and Ultimate paramotors and can also be adapted to any other paramotor.



Suitable for all paramotor

Finally a trike that is a light, sturdy, safe and compact !

Adaptable to all paramotors on the market, with a quick attachment system.

Pilots like it and is available in different colors.

Picture by  Guy Ampleman

Inflation is easier, thanks to its A asist system.

Compact.  Easy to carry
Weighs 40 lbs
Mounts in 15 minutes

be shipped in a box measuring 58'' X32'' X12''
The total weight of the package is 48 lbs (21 kg).


Quick attachment system

Pictures by Guy Ampleman

This new concept of trike allows to fly the unit with a longer propeller (up to 140 cm) if necessary, which one is protected by its solid cage.

Pictures by  Guy Ampleman

Very stable on the ground and very confortable in fligh. 

Picture by  Patrick Gautreau

Marc Bilodeau from Canada is a proud owner of an UltraTrike.

Pictures by  Guy Ampleman

Adjustable foot rests.

Can be carrying on in the
trunk of a pick up truck

Picture by Patrick Gautreau


The UltraRack is a simple and solid rack 
made or the UltraTrike.

Solid and easy to install

Video o the UltraTrike installed on an UltraRack

Video on the UltraTrike taken off from the UltraRack


Stephane Cote is the designer and manufacturer of this trike, inspired by different styles and to some of Eric Dufour requirements for the safety and sturdiness of this new concept.

The UltraTrike and its accessories, including the UltraRack, are sold exclusively Paratour.

Stephane Cote

Picture by Guy Ampleman