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Glider Shop


We offer the following propellers:

Nitro 200
Ultra 130
Ross (RDM)100 & 125

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Radio Helmet
SkyCom Radio Helmet The helmet is already set to the impedance mode for PTT. The impedance is adjustable for different types of radio. Encased in the right earmuff is the switch that changes the PTT mode along with a small wheel to adjust the impedance. Headphone noise attenuation : 10 to 20 decibels. Headphone impedance : 16 OHMS.

Microphone type and impedance : Electret condenser, impedance adjustable from 0 to 350 OHMS.
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 Flotaison PowerFloat


Flotation devices for paramotors foot launch and on wheels, paragliders, hangliders and ultra lights.

Developed especially for the rescue of the paramotor when landing on the water.

Can be used repeatedly, simple replacement of the cartouche and trigger pins. 

Don't leave without one!
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O'Zee Flight Suits

Combinaisons d'excellente qualité 


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Chameleon Finger throttle
Chameleon 11 


The digital throttle for ultra light engines and remote control engines.

This is so natural to fly with it!

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Mia Ground handling harness
Mia Ground Handling Harness Mia is a very light and comfortable harness.

One Size Fits All

Excellent quality manufacturing

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Paratour wind sock
Paratour Wind Sock This very resistant wind sock can
stay outside 24/7 for two years!
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Emergency paraglider repair kit
Paraglider Emergency Kit 11

Don't get stuck without your repair kit! 

Paratour offers a paraglider emergency kit, which is for temporary repairs.


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Paratour T-Shirts

T-shirts Paratour
T-shirts de bonne qualité


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Paratour hat

      Casquette Paratour


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