Paratour - Happy
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Mayday Reserve

This reserve parachute is made by Apco

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prisma Manufactured by Apco and exclusively made for Paratour, this PPG glider is designed for beginner foot launch pilots, as well as for easy and fun trike flying.  To ensure a long lasting life for the Prisma, it is made from Gelvenor, a very resistant fabric (which exceeds most paraglider fabrics in strength), as well as heavy duty lines. 3 years/250 hr warranty
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karma   Manufactured by Apco, this glider is designed for new paramotor pilot and any pilot searching for a wing inspiring confidence and that delivers at the same time, the soft handling and nice performances for fun flying. The Karma aloud the pilot to stay relax, concentrating on flying and feeling safe, knowing this wing has passed the most recent and stringent safety tests.
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Play for two
play for two The Play 42 has been in production for 3 years and gained a solid reputation as a safe and reliable wing. 
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