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Stardust Paraglider
The Stardust is the motorized version of the Compact II from Axis.  It is made with  thicker lines and a reinforced structure, so it can fly a heavier trike as well as a paramotor. 

The Stardust comes with motor risers, stuff bag, inner bag, belt and a speed bar.

It is responsive whilst being tolerant of excessive pilot input.  The canopy is designed to optimize the uplift pressures whilst the specially designed profile minimizes oscillation in flight & provides high stability in turbulence.
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Power Pluto III

Power Pluto II
The Power Pluto II is based on the popular Power Pluto, but it has been improved in all its characteristics: The handling is still easy and more precise, whilst security has been proven by the EN-B test results.

The glider has an innate 'self-centring' tendency in thermals, along with a greater top speed and improved glide ratio.

These qualities make the Power Pluto II appealing to a wide range of pilots from complete beginners to sporty and also cross country pilots.
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Power Comet

The Comet (EN-B/LTF B), is aimed at beginner XC and novice pilots,
who demand high passive safety without compromises in performance.

 The Axis team constructed this glider with all the knowledge obtained from Axis Vega III development.

More performante than the Power Pluto II and less than the Power Vega III.

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Power Vega III
Power Vega The Power Vega II is a sporty wing that combines the high performance reserved for higher class gliders, with the safety of the standard class.

Because of a high canopy stability and ease of learning, this glider received an EN-C (size S EN-B) classification at testing.

It is a fast, dynamic, but also stable and predictable glider. Most pilots would choose this as a second or third wing in one’s flying career but for some it will be their final choice based on the ideal combination of performance, durability and safety.
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Power Venus III

Axis Fire Color
The hot chick from Axis. 

The Power Venus II is for pilots demanding performance & direct handling.

It is characterized by excellent performance with good passive safety and is therefore suitable for long x-country flights as well as competition.

Sirius Tandem

Axis Sirius Tandem Paraglider
The new Tandem glider from Axis

Like all Axis paragliders, it is easy to launch and fun to fly.
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