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Price:  $250.00

Cameleon Throttle

Digital throttle for ultra light engines and remote control engines

This is so natural to fly with it!

Chameleon's version has recently be released!

After 3 years of tests and 500 Chameleon throttle sold in more than 30 countries, the manufacturer worked on a new version inspired by customers' feedback and professional's inputs to improve this unique throttle.

The main improvement is the new Polyamide material: smooth but strong, unbreakable, shear resistant, that has been  tested for over a year.

The Chameleon V2 is stronger and softer, with even better ergonomic functions.


Totally adjustable, according the sensibility of the functions
Smooth and adjustable cruise control

- Comes with 2 metres of cable for cutting to required length.

- Comes with sheath clamp for motor side connection.

- Installation manual included.

The Chameleon has been designed to make life easy for you in flight:

  • Right-hand and left-hand versions
  • 0 - 35 mm control movement at the carburetor.
  • Thumb operated rocker main ON/OFF switch (lockable in OFF position)
  • Indexing cruise control.
  • Rocker switch ON mid stroke pressure: cruise control release (intrinsically safe system ensuring starting at low throttle opening)
  • Rocker switch ON full stroke pressure: activates the starter.  
  • Designed for use with gloves
  • Foam adjusting pads supplied to personalize the Chameleon to your preferred shape
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • 8 position control trigger
  • Steel cable clamp included, reversible control cable with termination at either Chameleon or Carburetor end
  • Comes with 2 meters of cable for cutting to required length.
  • Comes with sheath clamp for motor side connection.
  • Installation manual included.
Chameleon 22

 Chameleon 33

Who hasn’t dreamed of a motor that obeys to the command of one finger?

The index finger is the best medium from the brain...

The Chameleon offers 4 free fingers in the hand.  So, this is 9 fingers free, compared to 5 with other throttles.

Video of the Chameleon

Video of the Chameleon's new version (V2)


 "I like my Chameleon finger throttle and would never go back to the old style.
It allows you to fly without that feeling that you are holding to many things in one hand.

The kill switch is different and takes some getting used too.
In flight the finger throttle feels very natural and comfortable.
It has a cruise control which works well, but I seldom use it.   
When you are just using one finger to control your motor, I find I really don't need the cruise control.  

I have three paramotors  and all three are equipped with the Chameleon throttle.  

It's been around for some time now.  I find it hard to believe that more PPG pilots have not switched to it.  

I would rate it five stars."

Steve Durgin, Florida

Chameleon Gerard Lesieux
Gerard Lesieux
Now 53 years old, Gerard Lesieux, the inventor of the Chameleon, is interested in everything that flies since childhood. 

He flies ULM Delta trike since 1980, Hanglider since 1985, paraglider since 1990 and paramotor since 2003.

Having observed that the only muscle available when both hands are occupied steering a machine, is the index finger, 15 years ago, Lesieux had the idea of a digiHe created and leaded AEF DESIGN during the past 20 years. 

He sold it to create AEF Gliders.  His first company  designs, creates and manufactures industrial equipment, which explains the exceptional design of the Chameleon and other flying machines of the range. He made the first prototype 5 years ago and he has been perfecting the design during the last 2 years.

There were 10 versions and 7 completed prototypes.  The research, design and industrial tooling for the Chameleon cost... 70 K Euros.

Lesieux called this throttle system "Chameleon", because it fits to everything; ULM, motorized Hang glider, paramotor and it will soon be adapted in prosthesis for disabled persons, as well as Go-kart, wheelchair, etc.

Manufactured by AEF copyright and international patents pending