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Elisabeth Guerin
Elisabeth Guerin

Elisabeth Guerin

Elisabeth Guerin is Eric Dufour’s wife and she is passionate about the sport and flies paramotor on trike and the XCitor. 

She is a certified Sport Pilot, PPG 3 (USPPA) and also holds a Canadian Ultra Light pilot license.

Elisabeth has been sewing since childhood and has used her sewing skills for her own clothes, her family and home, as well as some small repairs on paragliders.

In 2004, she went to the Swing factory in Germany to learn all the aspects of minor and major repairs and wing inspections.  Her years of experience in sewing made for a natural transition to become head seamstress.


Eugen Schussman

Eugen Schussman, master rigger at SWING, taught Elisabeth all the tasks implied to perform excellent paraglider inspections.

Gabi Siegel, head seamstress at SWING, taught Elisabeth
all the aspects of minor and major repairs.

Gabi Siegel

Few years ago, she went at RipAir (in France), the biggest glider shop in the world, where the has refined her knowledge with the highly respected Bretrand Magdalena, whom is considered as a reference in the field of paraglider repair and inspection.
At RipAir, FRance, Bertrand Magdalena & Elisabeth Guerin

Bertrand Magdalena & Elisabeth Guerin

In 2011, Elisabeth had the privilege to learn from the Polish Boguslaw Pelczar (the master in special shape for paragliders) how to make special shape birds with paragliders.
The year after, the presented her bald Eagle to fly-ins.  Other than than Elisabeth's eagle, any other special shape paraglider you have seen has most probably been made by Boguslaw.

Boguslaw Pelczar's Website:

Boguslaw Pelczar

Picture by Marty Hathaway

(Picture b
y Dakota Bartel)
Elisabeth's bald Eagle paraglider

Picture by Jeff Goin