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Glider Shop

 Paraglider Repairs
and Inspections related to repairs

Elisabeth is scheduling repairs for the 1st week of December

To reserve your spot, contact her at, or 352-461-4641

Upon completion, you receive a detailed written report of the inspection and all repairs with a sticker of “certification/approval” for your wing.
to submit your glider for Inspection or Repair

Whether it is a tear across a cell, a broken or frayed line, or major cell wall damage, we can perform minor and major repairs. 

*On major repairs, each wing is test flown by Eric Dufour before being released and this is free.

For an approximate estimate, please Elisabeth a picture of the damage.  

More info on the rates

Sewing Lines










See Elisabeth Guerin's 
"Before & After Repair" photo gallery


Elisabeth Guerin


Lines Inspections
A post-incident lines inspection includes:

Checking each line for inner core and/or outer sheathing damage, line attachment points, including line tabs and worn or missing rubber O rings - or plastic inserts- on on risers' quick links.

Elisabeth can thoroughly inspect/repair and bring it back to new again.


A post-incident canopy inspection includes:

- Pulling the wing up on hoist to perform a thoroughly visual inspection of the top and bottom surfaces
of fabric and the complete interior and cell walls. 
With this inspection, it is guaranteed that all damage will be seen and repaired.


A post-incident risers, includes:

-Checking for webbing stretching and shrinkage, checking all riser seams, confirming the integrity of each attachment point and inspect the trimmers, quick-links, keepers, pulleys, snaps, speed system and toggles.

- Replacement of worn or missing rubber O rings when needed.

- Stitches sewed at no charge on slipping trims to help fix the problem.


Canopy Inspection



Eugen Schussman

Elisabeth has been trained at SWING, the German paraglider manufacturer, and their master rigger at the time, Eugen Schussman, taught her all the tasks implied to perform excellent paraglider inspections.

Gabi Siegel, head seamstress at Swing, taught
Elisabeth all the aspects of minor and major repairs.

Gabi Siegel

In 2007, she spent a week at Rip'Air (in France), the biggest glider shop in the world, where she has refined her knowledge with the highly respected Bretrand Maddalena, whom is considered as a reference in the field of paraglider repair and inspection.

<In the RipAir's office

Bertrand Maddalena & Elisabeth Guerin 

At RipAir, France, Bertrand Magdalena & Elisabeth Guerin

Bertrand Maddalena & Elisabeth Guerin 

En 2010, she had the priviledge to be trained by the polish Boguslaw Pelczar,
whom is THE master for special shape paragliders.  He taught her to make birds.

Boguslaw Pelczar's Website:

Boguslaw Pelczar

One of Elisabeth's bald eagles