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Brand: MacPara
Model: Colorado 25 meters
Color: Blue, orange, black & white
Condition: Like new.  Only 2 hours of flight
Price: $3,000.00

Brand: Ozone
Model: Element X-Large
Color: Red, blue & white
Condition: Recently successfully passed full inspection
Price: $700.00

Brand: ITV
Model: Boxer GT 28 meters
Color: Orange, white & black
Condition: About 25 hours of use
Price: $1,900.00

Brand: Paramania
Model: GoFly 2, Large (30 meters)
Color: Night Shade (Black, orange & white)
Condition: BRAND NEW! (never been out of the bag)
Price: $2,000.00

Brand: Adventure/Gypaaile
Model: Perf 1, 30 meters.  Very little used.  Ideal for trike flying.
Color: Turquoise & white
Condition: Very little used.  Good for trike flying.
Price: $600.00

Brand: MacPara
Model: Eden 3, 30 meters. 
Color: Red & gold
Condition: Not airworthy.  For ground handling only.
Price: $300.00