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$160 Complete Annual Inspection

(Includes porosity test, fabric strengh test, lines inspection, lines measurement & symmetry work, line strengh tests, full canopy inspection of the upper and lower cells as well as inner ribs and cleaning the cells of any debris, risers inspection)

Find below prices should you only need a partial servicing of the wing:


Paraglider Line Strength Tests (done on 1 Main, 1 Intermediate and/or 1 Top line)


Post Incident Lines Inspection (includes inspection of each line, symmetry check from left to right and line tabs check)

$50 Lines Measurement (normally followed by in-deph symmetry work charged by the hour)
$55 hourly In-depth Symmetry Work
$50 Post Incident Canopy Inspection (upper sail, lower sail and all ribs inside, seams and line tabs)

Full Porosity with fabric Strength Tests on the upper and lower sails

$15 Top Line
$15 Intermediate Line
$20 Main Line
$5 Line Installation on Glider (per Line)
$35 Test Flight with a paramotor
$50 Test Flight with a Green Eagle or an XCitor

*Prices are subject to change



$55.00 per hour, plus materials.

Please send us a picture of the damage on your glider or harness and we will give you a estimate.

Shipping address:

6525 Indian River Blvd
Grant, FL 32949

**When shipping your paraglider, you can fold it tight and attach it with its belt or a thick rope.  You do not need to send your glider with your stuff bag, unless you want it to be repaired.  This way, you are saving in volume and weight. 

Please, put a note in the box with your name, address, phone number(s) and e-mail address and also precision of the work you want to be done on your glider : inspection, repair (what & where), or both.

If your glider is damaged, please give a description, including the emplacement of the damages, unless you want a full inspection with the repair.

We will call you to let you know that we have received your wing.

to submit your glider for Inspection or Repair