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Testimonials on our Glider Shop

I was very happy with the repair and the logo! you guys are very professional and good to have always with you when needed.

Thank you

Giulianno Falabella Scotti
Juin 2013





I wanted to send you a brief email thanking you for the incredible repair work you did on my glider. 

The super quick turnaround time, quality of work, and minimal cost of repair is purely astonishing. 

The work you did was so fantastic that I had a hard time even finding where the damage occurred!  It looks as if it was brand new from factory. 

Also, I can't thank you enough for getting the glider repaired in less than a week.  Superior service!

I will undoubtedly recommend you to everyone I know if they are ever in need of glider repairs!

Thanks a million!!

Very respectfully,

Shay A. Pontsler, January 2011

PPG pilot"The service at Paratour has been excellent.

I've been flying an RDM-100 for almost two years.  Whenever I need advice, parts, or service it is second to none.

Additionally, Elisabeth is the only person I trust to inspect or repair my wings.

But the best part of Paratour is the professionalism and friendly atmosphere.  Eric and Elisabeth are great folks and a joy to be around!!"

Lt Mark Renkens, December 2009


PPG sunset


"Paratour repair services really helped me to get back into the skies.

I fly an Ozone Indy with a Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth; and when both were damaged, Elisabeth repaired my wing and Eric got my engine back, so I was back up and flying.

Not everyone in this country lives near a flying school or dealer, but you can UPS your equipment to Paratour and their repair services will be done in time to continue the flying season!"

William Auton, December 2009

PPGOn two occasions I have used Paratour and Elisabeth’s services.

The first was to replace a line that the sheathing had torn on  and the other to fix a tear that happened in transport.

Elisabeth emailed me a diagram to identify the line and had it to me in a few days.  Turnaround time on the repair was less than 10 days with excellent communication and quality of work.

You couldn’t even tell that there was ever a foot long tear after I received the wing back, totally invisible.  

I highly recommend Elisabeth’s services and look forward to meeting Eric.

Sean Halberg, December 2009
San Antonio, Texas

picture"I am very impressed with their professionalism and friendliness, they always reply my emails promptly and turn around time for gliders repair and inspection is commendable. The workmanship for repairs is impeccable.

Recently I had a broken line from a prop strike  an email and 4 days later, a replacement line was in my mail box... in Singapore!  And payment for the replacement line was put on credit till my next glider inspection.  Such is an example of the exceptional service from them.

I have no qualms sending my gliders to them and would recommend their services to anyone."

Max Ng

"I have had a few mishaps in the past, mostly due to snagging roots and such and getting small tears. They have always repaired these quickly and to perfection.

Then one day it happened.  I executed a beautiful turnaround on my reverse launch starting running, got the motor up to speed and tripped.

Well, needless to say by the time I hit the kill switch it was a little too late.  I examined my paraglider and there were two huge holes in the middle.
Off it went to them and a week later back it came.  Perfect!!!  I still have a hard time finding the patches.  It fly's perfectly!

This is truly a master at here craft!"

Paul Meinster
Las Vegas, Nevada

 "As requested, I am calling to give you some feedback on the Dudek wing that you repaired for me this summer.

I admit that I had 'doubts' about your choice of colors for the repair on my wing. I have flown the repaired wing for some 3 months now and, very simply,
couldn't be any happier.

Not only does the wing perform flawlessly, but the repair looks as though it could have come that way straight from the nothing more than a styling cue.
Obviously, safety is first priority, but, lets face it... most of us want to look good as well.

I am not only impressed with the superior quality of the repair... but also, most impressed with your intuition regarding this particular repair. Mimicking the semicircles that are already on wing tips was very clever indeed.

I showed my wing to other pilots, and they couldn't figure out where the repair was..... they kept looking and kept looking, but the repair itself looked like part of the factory design!!

Super Job!!  I will recommend your services to all that ask.
Best Regards,"
Ennis Zajmi
Scottdale, Arizona
Phone:  (602) 989-7643 - c

Video Ennis Zajmi flying his repair glider at home:
"After a month of ground handling and bad weather I completed m lessons.  My first attempt at flight was not looking good and was aborted.  I managed to bring my brand new ParaToys 28 down into my still spinning prop."

A few near-by seasoned pilots commented I would be purchasing a new wing do to my mishap.  All this happened at the Salton Sea fly-in and I was lucky enough to turn my recently devoured wing over to them.

They said they would in fact be able to repair it and at huge savings over purchasing a new wing.  A very short while later I had the wing back with a new panel that is virtually unnoticeable.

I have since taken my first flight and it flew straight and true as I would imagine it would have before I pulverized it.

I trust and highly recommend them for any wing repairs.  I hope I don't ever have to repair another wing, but if I do, I know I will be in good hands!

Thanks again,"

Brian Thivierge
(925) 984-4962


picture"Thank you so much for the outstanding work you did to my glider.     

As you know, this glider was brand new when it got  para-blended and needless to say I was pretty sad and mad after the whole episode.  The damage was pretty extensive and for a while I thought there was no chance of getting it fixed.  

I researched a lot of wing repair shops and decided, after reading your website, that you were the one that  could take on such a challenging task.  

I am so happy I did.  Your turn around was amazing.  And the work was even more impressive.  After I got it, I had a hard time remembering where the damage had happened.

I will recommend you to anyone I know.  I am sure they will be as happy as I am.

Thanks for everything.  And rest assure you will be my source for all wing repair needs.

Here is a picture they took today while I was flying it.

Blue Skies,"

Carlos Segnini
South Florida PPG, LLC.
(954) 868-9154


"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with my wing.  Its only a year old and if I hadn't noticed 
some frayed strings, I may not have sent it in for repairs.  But you made the process simple and easy.  

I expected to be grounded for several weeks. But you completed your inspection and repairs in just two days, and had it back in the mail that evening.  It certainly made me feel good to know I would have it back within a week.

And when I received it, it was clean, and carefully folded, like a new wing.  I was very impressed.  You certainly have made the inspection process quick and painless.  

Thanks for the nice job,"
Stephen Durgin
Hudson, Florida



“When I caught all the lines on the left side of my paraglider in the prop of my new XCitor I thought the wing was garbage.

I had stretched/broken all of the lines on the left side and pulled 13 of them completely out of the parachute.

They repaired the wing back to new  specifications and saved me well over $2000!!

I would highly recommend Paratour to anyone needing paraglider wing repair or inspection services!”    

Alan Struthers
Albuquerque, New Mexico




Christiane CC Moisan"Going on my 12th year of PPG flying, I must confess I've seen many parablended wings during those years.

One of the worst parablended wings I've witnessed ended up at your shop.

I remember telling Eric when it happened that the wing was just finished, not even good enough to use as a tarp . . . well you people proved me wrong.

I was totally amazed at the repair that was done on it ! One had to see the wing before repair to see how professional the repair was done.     

Having seen first hand the set-up and the way you work I have the utmost confidence in the way you approach each repair.

As of now the only service I've needed was an inspection on my wing which you have done in front of me so I may see how it is done. I'm convinced that if "ever" (hopefully not) I should need to have some work done on my wing, you will be the ones I will contact !

For me, this is art in its' finest form . . . keep it up !"

Christiane "CC" Moisan
Quebec, Canada