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Trikes & Quads

Finally a trike that is a light, sturdy, safe and compact !

Adaptable to all paramotors on the market, with a quick attachment system.

Pilots like it and is available in different colors.

SD MiniMax
SD MiniMax SD MiniMax
Easy to take-off
Fun to fly
Very maneuverable
Comfortable, nice seat position
And like all SD products, it comes with excellent service after the sale

Green Eagle
GE1 The Green Eagle, with a 4 stroke or propane engine
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Xcitor "The Fresh Breeze XCitor trike is in a class by itself.  Prepare for a unique experience in personal flight.  Its innovations signify a quantum leap for PPGs, truly indicative of a generational milestone being attained.  The flying characteristics of this machine requires a new chapter to be written in the PPG playbook.  Its comfort is based on computer design and not chance."

Ed Poccia
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