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A class by itself





The Fresh Breeze XCitor trike is in a class by itself.

Prepare for a unique experience in personal flight.

Its innovations signify a quantum leap for PPGs, truly indicative of a generational milestone being attained.

The flying characteristics of this machine requires a new chapter to be written in the PPG playbook.

Its comfort is based on computer design and not chance.

Ed Poccia

Video on the XCitor (7:51 mins /52434.58KB)

Fresh Breeze video on the XCitor
(29,6 MB)

Video of spiraling with the XCitor
(26,5 MB)

(Player & Codec ggfs. at )

Video on Laura's XCiting flight

Video with women flying the XCitor

Computer Design Technology

Perfect ergonomics provide a sleek compact look hiding the generous available space to both the passenger and pilot.

Low slung, adjustable seats with the engine and gas tank directly behind, give the desired low center of gravity qualities to this aircraft.



The broad wheel base and the large rear wheels offer extreme stability against rollover.

This stabilizing feature makes for easy take-off and landing.

Can be flown solo or with two people.
Throttle and steering controls can be used from the front or the back seat.

Made by Swing, the reinforced glider has been specially designed for the XCitor.

Very easy to inflate, easy to steer and very responsive.

The XCitor's glider and trike are both DULV approved.




The new trim system

With speeds of up to 45 mph, toggle control remains moderate and handling is light.

The toggles need only to be used for take-off and landing, since steering can be accomplished in the air almost exclusively with the trim levers.

The XCitor comes standard with an integrated state of the art ballistic, rocket reserve chute system!  At altitudes of as low as 100 feet, the emergency parachute can be safely deployed.   

XCitor The engine

The economical 70 HP Hirth engine comes with a clutch and also with an instrument panel and gauges for RPM, engine temperature and altitude, and a radio intercom system.

This fuel injected, water cooled powerhouse doesn't hesitate to lift two in the air with ease. 

The road legal, integrated trailer hitch and removable light bar permits easy and simple transport with no additional trailer required.

Comes with propellers and top covers.

Other accessories can be carried on-board also.


XCitor ready to fly
- Paratrike, double seater
- Paraglider XWing 28
- powdercoated aluminium frame
- color choice according to color table
- paraglider with wing twist steering and trim system
- Hirth 3503 with fuel injection, digital ignition, water cooled, reduction gear and centrifugal clutch.
- Propeller HTC 4Bl CW 167,5
- streamlined Aerocage
- Instrument panel
- Altimeter, vertical speed indicator
- engine rpm
- water temp gauge
- hour meter
- Polyamide tank, 31 Ltr volume.
- ready to fly and test flown

Technical data

Length over everything 310 cm  (10')
Width over everything 194 cm  (6.3')
Height over everything 212 cm  (6.9')
Weight, completely ready for flight approx.. 165 kg  (360 lbs)
Spring travel < 125 mm (5") in front/150 mm (6") in the back
Suspension Over bungees adjustable
Steering element Foot-operated
Wheel diameter 300 mm (12") in front, 500 mm (19") in the back
Brakes, front wheel Drum
Level of fuel in the tank 28 litres (6.3 gallons)
Passenger In and without change double seater flyable
Price (conditions 08/2005)