Elisabeth Guerin

Elisabeth Guerin, Eric Dufour’s wife, is passionate about the sport and flies paramotor on trike, including the XCitor and is a certified Sport Pilot, PPG 3 (USPPA).

She does paraglider repairs and inspections related to repairs (post incident canopy and lines inspection) only, which allows her to offer a faster turnaround.

She has been sewing all her life and in 2004, went to the Swing factory in Germany to learn all the aspects of minor and major repairs and wing inspections.

In 2010, she went at the RipAir glider shop, in France -the biggest glider shop in the world- to refine her knowledge with the highly respected Bertrand Magdalena, whom is considered as a reference in the field of paraglider repair and inspection.

In 2011, Elisabeth had the privilege to learn from the Polish Boguslaw Pelczar (THE master in paragliders special shape) how to make special shape birds with paragliders and has made since several bald eagles.