Ready to start carving it up with big wing overs and dynamic maneuvers? This is your wing!

Looking for the perfect paraglider to take on XC flights?  You are in luck; the Tunderbolt can take you there.

Interested in freestyle or slalom racing?  You have found the right glider for you.

This quick and efficient glider offers easy launch and landing characteristics without compromising its agility. This truly is a versatile wing, suited for any challenge!

$3,600.00  (All sizes)

The Tunderbolt is our advanced glider, designed for intermediate to advanced pilots. This wing is fast, stable, and responsive without compromising active and passive safety.

TAKE-OFF     Extremely easy take-off ability in zero wind conditions.
LOW AND HIGH SPEED ABILITY     Low and high speed capacity with a full REFLEX profile combined with negative & positive trimmers.
AGILITY AND SPICY CHARACTER     Advanced 2D steering system for agility and “Power Attack” system for a fast acceleration.
SAFETY     5,52 aspect ratio for a safe behavior.
LANDING     Soft and progressive energy management for optimal flare authority.

Materials specifivations:

Leading edge fabric: 40 gr/m² – 30D Nylon 6.6 high tenacity with PU+Silicone​ coating​

Top/Bottom fabrics: 29 gr/m² – 20D Nylon 6.6 high tenacity with PU+Silicone​ coating

Profiles: Pro-Nyl 36 gr/m²  High Tenacity Nylon Rip-Stop hard finish

Liros® Dyneema 0,76 mm – 45,0 daN
Liros® Dyneema 1,05 mm – 121,4 daN
Liros® Dyneema 1,20 mm – 142,9 daN
Liros® Dyneema 1,58 mm – 182,3 daN

Risers: 19 x 2,0 mm 1600kg

Pulleys: ISR / PL14



– 53 cells, 8 of them closed

-Use of 29 gr/m² Nylon 6.6 light fabric on top and bottom surface of the canopy for a super easy inflation

-Mini-Ribs (Profiles between the cells of the trailing edge, which improve performance and handling)

-Crossed flexible nylon battens reinforcements

-Advanced air foil design to boost and keep stable internal pressure

-Advanced REFLEX profile for stability

-Trimmers for high speed use and negative trimmers for free-flight use.

-“Power Attack” system: Opens trimmers automatically during use of the speed bar for a fast acceleration

-2D steering system,  easy to maneuver, with a light need of brake pressure

Flat area (m²) 17,1 18,4 19,5 21,6 23,8 26,1
Flat aspect ratio 5,52 5,52 5,52 5,52 5,52 5,52
Cells 53 53 53 53 53 53
Projected Aspect Ratio 4,23 4,23 4,23 4,23 4,23 4,23
Glider weight 3,9 4,1 4,3 4,8 5,3 5,9
Min speed (km/h) 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-26
Max speed (km/h) 70±5 70±5 70±5 70±5 70±5 70±5
Recommended pilot weight (kg) 40-70 50-80 60-90 75-110 95-130 115-150
Registration/Certification DGAC
50-90 kg
60-100 kg
70-110 kg
85-130 kg
105-150 kg
125-170 kg

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The Tunderbolt we have in stock at the moment:

If you want to order another size and colors, please contact us Eric Dufour:
352-461-4641, or

Tunderbolt XX-Small
Blue, red & white

Tunderbolt Large
Red, green & white

Tunderbolt Small
Blue, orange, yellow & white

Tunderbolt Small
Red, green & white

Tunderbolt Large
Blue, red & white