We specialize in all-inclusive training from one of the world renown pioneers of this incredible sport and offer comprehensive packages catering to new pilots, as well as advancing pilots and those interested in becoming reputable instructors themselves.

A full training typically takes 7-10 days and consists of ground training, towing, simulator, motor maintenance, meteorology and a minimum of 25 solo flights!.

When you train with us, you know Eric Dufour – who is one of the most experienced and respected trainers worldwide – will oversee your training with the help of his skilled team.

Training options are available year-round, for both foot launch and trike:

Skykart Solo Flight – You can have a one-time solo flight in the SkyKart.  If you can drive, you can fly!

Instructor Package – Have you been flying for a while now and want to take it to the next step?  Have you ever wanted to teach others and help bring them safely into this wonderful and growing sport of ours?  If so, the instructor package may be the right fit.


Training by the day for advance training: 

  • $350.00 – Equipment included
  • $300.00 – Equipment non included

Full training foot launch or on trike (minimum of 20 to 25 flights to PPG 2 level under USPPA guideline):

  • When a completely new equipment is purchased from Paratour:  $3,000.00 US (with student’s equipment)
  • When a complete used equipment is purchased from Paratour:  $3,200.00 US (with student’s equipment)
  • When the equipment is not purchased from Paratour: $3,500.00 US (with student’s equipment)

For a gift certificate, contact us at or 352-461-6723

If you would like to safely fly a paramotor by yourself and only once, we offer a “1 Day / 2 Flights” (1 tandem flight + 1 solo flight)  It is called Skydriving.
The whole process takes about 4 hour.