This is a safe, fast reflex glider that is fun to fly, but also usable as a paragliding wing.  The Cross is equipped with dual trimmer system.  Long trimmers for the fast flight mode, as well as a second set of negative trimmers, to reduce the REFLEX profile on the shape and use it as an efficient paraglider.

Equipped with 2D steering, this wing is soft and easy to maneuver, with a minimal need of brake pressure.

The Cross is a fast and stable glider designed to be used by beginner pilots after their school training and recreational cross-country pilots.
This innovative design utilizes light weight fabrics making the Cross one of the easiest PPG paragliders to inflate and launch in zero wind condition.

Leading edge fabric: 40 gr/m² – 30D Nylon 6.6 high tenacity with PU+Silicone​ coating​

Top/Bottom fabrics: 29 gr/m² – 20D Nylon 6.6 high tenacity with PU+Silicone​ coating

Profiles: Pro-Nyl 36 gr/m²  High Tenacity Nylon Rip-Stop hard finish

Reinforcements:  2,5 mm Nylontab (Profile front)

Cousin Technora® 1,1 mm – 104,1 daN
Cousin Technora® 1,5 mm – 139,3 daN
Cousin Technora® 2,1 mm – 238,6 daN
Cousin Technora® 2,5 mm – 382,0 daN

Risers: 19 x 2,0 mm 1600kg

TAKE-OFF   Extremely easy take-off ability in zero wind conditions.
LOW AND HIGH SPEED ABILITY   Low and high speed capacity with a full REFLEX profile, combined with negative & positive trimmers.
MANEUVERABILITY   2D steering system, easy to maneuver with minimal brake pressure.
SAFETY   Flat aspect ratio limited to 5.18 for maximum passive safety.
LANDING   Soft and progressive energy management for smooth flare on landings .
Flat area (m²) 19,6 21,4 22,9 24,7 26,4
Flat Aspect Ratio 5,18 5,18 5,18 5,18 5,18
Cells 42 42 42 42 42
Projected Aspect Ratio 4,23 4,23 4,23 4,23 4,23
Glider weight (kg) 3,9 4,3 4,7 5,1 5,5
Min speed (km/h) 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-26
Max speed (km/h) 65±5 65±5 65±5 65±5 65±5
Recommended pilot weight (kg) 50/80 65/95 80/110 95/125 110/140
Registration/Certification DGAC
  • 42 cells with 8 of them closed
  • Use of 29 gr/m² Nylon 6.6 light fabric on top and bottom surface of the canopy for a super easy inflation
  • Diagonal bands in all the cells
  • Mini-Ribs: between the cells of the trailing edge to improve performance and handling
  • Flexible nylon battens reinforcements
  • Advanced air foil design to boost and keep stable internal pressure
  • Advanced REFLEX profile for stability
  • Dual Trim System: Long trimmers for acceleration and negative trimmers for free-flight use
  • 2D steering system,  easy to maneuver with minimal brake pressure

$3,500.00  (All sizes)

The Cross paragliders we have in stock at the moment:

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Cross XX-Small
Orange, blue, yellow & white

Cross Large
Orange, red & white

Cross Small
Orange, white, blue & yellow

Cross Small
Orange, blue yellow & white

Cross Medium
Red, green & white